Why Do Electric Shavers Cost Less than their Replacement Heads?

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Sep 20
Why Do Electric Shavers Cost Less than their Replacement Heads

Many of us have given up our traditional razors and shifted to electric shavers instead. The cool and convenient thing makes the task of shaving really simple and easy and gets the job done in a jiffy.

Usually, an electric shaver will last many years but some of the parts need replacement from time to time. As a rule of the thumb, you can expect to replace parts once a year.

Many people find this inconvenient and also complain that the electric shaver itself costs less than the replacement accessories. It is true in some part but not on the whole.

Some people also say that it is the technique of businesses to earn more profit by keeping the cost of the shavers low and charging high for the replacements. It is a ploy to drive sales and nothing else! But is this really the case? While that might be a case at times, especially if you purchase your electric shaver at a discounted price, it isn’t always the same.

We will try to find out the reasons behind this and also determine the truth.

Why are Electric Shavers Less Costly than their Replacement Parts?

There are some things in the electric shaver which are not at all expensive to replace, like the batteries. But few parts do cost more because of their nature and function.

The most common part that needs to be replaced is the razor head which houses the blades. Modern electric shavers are either rotary or foil but still use blades for the cutting. It is the part which has the motor which rotates or spins the blade and makes the shaver functional.

The shaver head is quite costly and sometimes more expensive than the shaver itself. But that is not without valid reasons:

  • The parts are the most important section of the electric shaver responsible for its functioning
  • It houses the blades and the shaving head which makes the shaver cut your hair
  • All the moving parts, motor and engineering goes into it
  • It is the most expensive part of the electric shaver

For the obvious reasons, when you go for replacing it, you are required to pay for all of the features that add up to the cost. It is also interesting to note that a lot of research goes into the making of an electric shaver.

For example, researchers observe people shaving to determine how much pressure they are putting, how they grip the handle and move around the razor. Based on these observations, companies develop their electric shavers so they are most effective and comfortable.

So, what is the business strategy behind the move?

All of these are going to cost a lot of money to the companies. They cannot directly increase the price of the shaver which will discourage people from buying it. So the cost can be transferred to such replacement parts which make the price increase for such replacements.

Now you are aware that the companies are not really trying to rip you off by overcharging for the parts. It is logical that the parts which are most sensitive and functional will be more expensive than replacements like batteries or a grip.

If you buy your electric shaver during Black Friday sales, you can expect to spend a lot more on the replacements, simply because you wouldn’t be getting them at a similar discount!

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