What is the Difference between a Rotary Electric Shaver and a Straight Foil Electric Razor?

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Sep 06
What is the Difference between a Rotary Electric Shaver and a Straight Foil Electric Razor

Electric razors are ideal for personal use because of their speed in hair removal. Also, they are portable and can be used anywhere with an electrical socket. In addition, these devices are versatile, and they do not require special shaving supplies like shaving creams and gel. On the other hand, you should note that the specific advantages that you will gain from your electric razor will depend on the particular product that you will purchase.

There are two primary types of electric razors in the modern grooming market: rotary and straight foil. These two products are both suitable for a clean and quick shave at home. Moreover, most can operate in wet or dry conditions. However, there are some significant differences between the two and these can cause confusion during purchase. Consider this short discussion on the difference between the rotary and foil electric razors.

Rotary Electric Shaver

The rotary electric shaver is designed and fabricated to use circular blades which spin for hair removal. These rotating blades are flexible, and they can move efficiently and independently of one another. When shaving, the blades will retract into their housing as the device moves along the contours of the skin. Therefore, you will be able to shave the neck and face closely without causing self-injury.

Advantages of the Rotary Shaver

  •  The rotary electric shaver can cut relatively long hair with ease.
  •  The design of the blades decreases the difficulty when shaving complicated areas like the chin and neck.
  •  The device is considerably quiet during operation.

Drawback of the Rotary Shaver

  • The blades of the shaver can be difficult to clean.
  • The rotational movement of the blades might cause some people to have skin irritation.

Straight Foil Electric Razor

The straight foil razor is designed and built in a different way. In general, this device is fitted with oscillating blades. Unlike the rotary alternative, these features move back and forth. The blades of the razor are installed behind thin metal foil, usually made of perforated steel. This foil will lift the strands of hair, allowing the blades to cut closer for a smoother shave.

In addition, the foil element will shield the skin against direct contact with the blades, limiting the risk of injury and irritation. Standard foil razors have three or four blades. Naturally, the skin will be smoother when more blades are present. However, the size of the product will be large if too many blades which would make the razor hard to handle.

Advantages of the Foil Razor

  • The foil razor ensures that the skin is smoother due to the presence of the foil.
  • The product is easy to clean after use.
  • It is considered to cause less irritation for some people.

Drawbacks of the Foil Razor

  • The foil is extremely thin and delicate, so it is prone to breaking.
  • The razor cannot handle long hair.

Comparison between Rotary Shavers and Straight Foil Electric Razors

As seen above, both the rotary shaver and the straight foil electric razor have their benefits and shortcomings. Therefore, it is difficult to declare one as the universal winner. In general, it is advisable for individuals to consider the design of the two products and compare with their own requirements. For instance, you should think about your skin type, shaving habits and shape of the face.

Rotary shavers are suitable for people who shave less frequently because it can cut long hair. You should also think about purchasing this if your face has steep contours which are difficult to shave. The straight foil razors are suitable for people with sensitive skin which is prone to irritation. Experimentation can help you find the best fit for your needs.

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