Does Vibration Help in the Performance of an Electric Shaver?

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Nov 15
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With too many options available, choosing the right electric shaver has become a tough decision.

Electric razors come at a price, and it is not possible to browse through all of them via a trial and error method. Even for the curious ones who would love to try out different types of razors, it has become important to filter out a definite list- the fact is most of the razors in the market fail to offer what they promise.

By now, you must have already come across the vibrating electric razor.

The question is: Does the vibration help in the performance of the electric shaver and are they even worth it?

Understanding How It Works

Well, let’s go to the basics of shaving. The first thing you would want to avoid after an electric shave is a razor burn. The first thing you would want to achieve in shaving is a clean shave.

Now, these two things are ironical in nature.

  • For a clean shave, you will need to get closer to the skin – now this in itself would produce the razor burn.
  • If you maintain the required distance from the skin to avoid a razor burn, you will miss out on hairs lying flat on the skin.

This is the case of regular razors, and this is the exact side-effect of shaving, vibrating razors want to remove.

You might already feel the jitters thinking that a vibrating razor might be risky – after all, a razor blade is moving on its own as you hold it against your face.

Vibrating Razors- The Answer

However, there is nothing to worry as vibrating razors are a safe bet. What vibrating razors actually do is that they reduce the friction between the shaver blade and the skin.

When Gillette launched its first vibrating razor – M3Power, there were claims that the razor helped to lift the hair away from the skin. These claims could not be scientifically proven, and Gillette was ordered by a federal judge in Connecticut to change its branding.

This hasn’t affected Gillette’s sales, and the M3Power has generated $30 million in sales over the years.

So let’s face it: Vibration helps the performance of an electric shaver by indirect means – it allows a smoother shave. Vibration on its own does not do the shaving but facilitates the shaver to have optimum contact with the skin for a clean shave.

Can You Get a Razor burn with a Vibrating Razor?

Now even with a vibrating razor, one can still face a razor burn if he doesn’t take the usual precautions he needs to take with any other razor. Here’s when he can get a razor burn even with a vibrating electric shaver:

  1. If the battery doesn’t have enough life: Charge the battery properly before you start shaving
  2. If you use dull blades: If the blades have run dull, it is important to replace them to have a smoother shave.
  3. If you do not lubricate your foils and blades: You need to properly maintain and take care of your blades and foils by lubricating them regularly.
  4. If you do not clean your shaver: Be it a regular or a vibrating shaver, it is necessary to clean the shaver after use.

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