How to Use Beard Trimmer Attachments

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Nov 30
How to Use Beard Trimmer Attachments

For those who want smooth, hairless skin, a beard trimmer may seem unnecessary. But for those who wish to design the style of their facial hair for a more attractive presentation, a beard trimmer is essential. Not only can you trim edges with straight lines that can shape your face much better, but they can also cut facial hair at varying lengths. You can trim sideburns, or present rugged stubble alongside a bushy goatee or moustache at the same time.

However, many beard trimmers come with attachments that not many men know exactly how to use properly. As long as you use a beard trimmer with a fast motor and properly oil and maintain it, it can give you a great amount of versatility over the kind of beard design you can achieve with it. With this in mind, here is a handy guide to using the various types of attachment that often accompany a standard beard trimmer.

Variable Guard Lengths

The most common types of beard trimmer attachments are the types of guard that come in different lengths. They can range from cutting hairs at close-to-skin levels (usually guard 1 or 2) to guards that allows hair to be long enough to curl up on their own after being clipped (guards 4 or in some cases 5 if your trimmer comes with more than four guards). The level of trimmer guard you use depends on the area you’re clipping and how long you wish it to be. For moustaches and goatees, you may want to use a lower guard that presents a more cleaner and neater look. If you want to clip your beard yet still want it to have a bushier and fuller presentation, the higher guard attachments are better suited to thin out your beard while allowing it to retain its fluffy and full style.

If you’re going to use the higher level guards with a beard trimmer, you might want to also use a fine tooth comb to brush the hairs after each clip of your beard keep the hairs pointing in the direction you’re clipping them -most often with the grain. Keeping the hairs of your beard pointed in the same direction as the grain helps prevent your beard trimmer from pulling or tugging hairs out of your pores instead of clipping them at the same level as the rest of your beard.


These are beard trimmer attachments that consist of a single cutting surface with sliding edges that clip as close to the skin as possible. These are best for shaping outlines of goatees or moustaches or achieving the desired length of your sideburns. If you want clean lines and edges, using the edger helps give you control over where an outline begins and ends.

Nose hair clipper attachments

This is a narrow, single edged attachment that is small enough to insert into the openings of your nostrils. Make sure you do not insert nose clippers too far into your nostrils. You should mainly be clipping the hairs around the edges of the nostril opening slightly above or level with the skin inside the nostril opening.

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