Why Electric Shavers are Better

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Jan 02
Reasons Why Electric Shavers Better

There certainly is nothing like the feeling of a close, clean, and smooth shave. In fact is has become an extremely important aspect of daily hygiene for a plethora of men across the world. That being said, you cannot get a great shave without the use of the proper shaving tools. Over the past one hundred odd years these whisker weapons have developed from the straight edge razor, to the single and multiple blade cartridge razors. Of course that has led to the invention of the electric shaver, which has vastly improved the quality and convenience of shaving on a daily basis. Although some men still employ the use of cartridge razor systems, there are many compelling reasons to make the switch to electric. So without further ado, here are the top 4 reasons electric shavers are better than manual razors.

1. Electric Shavers Provide Convenience

In the not too distant past the only way to get a good close shave was a trip down to the local barbershop. When the cartridge and handle manual razors were developed men had the ability to shave themselves from the convenience of home. The invention of the cordless electric shaver brings that one step further. They provide men with the ability to take self-shaving out of the house and onto the road, office or pretty much anywhere they desire to shave. As long as the machine’s battery is charged you can virtually shave anywhere that you would like.

2. Electric Shavers Are Far More Cost Effective

There is not doubt that in order to purchase a quality electric shaver it will cost you approximately one to two hundred pounds. Although that is a lot of money to pay upfront it is actually a lot less expensive than purchasing replacement cartridge razor blades for a year. Believe it or not, those multiple blade cartridges can cost upwards of two hundred pounds on a yearly basis, especially if you happen to shave on a daily basis. Within a year or even less you will recoup the cost of the electric shaver, which should last you upwards of ten years on average. So when all is said and done, manual razors cost approximately ten times more money than an electric shaver over a ten-year period of time.

3. Electric Shavers Are By Far The Fastest Way To Shave

These days the world moves fast, and twenty-four hours goes by quicker than ever before. If you can save time on simple daily tasks, that is always a good thing. Electric shavers provide you with that exact opportunity. In fact they reduce the average shaving time down from ten to fifteen minutes to three to five minutes. Although that may not sound like a whole lot of time-savings, it certainly adds up over the course of a week. For example, if you save even ten minutes a day shaving with an electric shaver, it actually adds up to over an hour on a weekly basis, and an incredible sixty hours on a yearly basis. Just imagine what you can accomplish with all of that additional time.

4. Electric Shavers Prevent Nicks And Cuts

Although most men enjoy a close shave, nobody appreciates those nicks and cuts that are caused by using a manual razor. It certainly is not fun to apply that stinging septic stick to your face, and then cover the nick or cut with a piece of toilet paper in order to stop the bleeding. Perhaps the best feature of an electric shaver is that it is all but impossible to nick or cut your face with it while shaving. You will still have the close, clean, and supple shave, but without the mess.

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