Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for

The privacy of our visitors is of utmost important to us.

At, we understand that the security of your personal information is very important. Here we will discuss what types of data we may receive and collect from your browser when you use and visit our website. We will also detail how we protect your information. will never, under any circumstance, sell your personal information to a third party.

Log Files

Like almost any other website, collects and utilizes the personal data stored in the log files of your browser. This information includes your IP address, internet service provider, the browser used when you visited our website. It also contains information on the amount of time you spend on our site and which pages you viewed.

Cookies and Web Beacons uses cookies to store information such as which page you viewed the longest and which ones you frequently visit. This data may be used to determine which popup ads may be of interest to you and may also grant you access to related forums.

Additional Information on Cookies

You have the option to off cookies for our website or for third-party cookies in your browser settings, or by managing the preferences of your security suite. However, this can affect your browsing experience on as well  as in other websites.  In particular, you might have trouble logging into forums and your accounts on other sites.

While you have the option of deleting cookies from your browser, this does not permanently opt you out of any advertising program. The only way to permanently opt out is to disallow your browser from creating cookies so it doesn’t create a new one whenever you visit a website which runs ads.

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