How to Oil a Beard Trimmer

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Nov 17
how to oil a beard trimmer

Instead of using scissors or any other type of product, it is better to use beard clippers or a beard trimmer to be able to get the cleanest and the most professional trim that you could desire for your beard. However, just because they have the best performance when it comes to trimming your beard, they will not last in this condition if they are not properly taken care. When you begin to notice that it isn’t working like it normally does, then it is time to do some necessary maintenance on it, so you are able to get it back in tip-top shape for you to be able to get the best results out of your beard trimmer. The process of doing this type of maintenance may sound scary to an individual who has not done any maintenance on the unit, but this process is not scary at all.

Manual For Your Beard Trimmer

The first thing that anyone should do before performing this type of work to their beard trimmer, is to make sure that you read the manual that comes with the trimmer, so you can make sure and understand exactly how to go through the entire process of cleaning. Most of the time, the beard trimmer that you purchase, usually has all of the tools that is used to clean your shaver. These are the items that will need to be used to first remove all of the whiskers and hairs that have been trapped and caught inside of the beard trimmer. After removing the hairs, run the beard trimmer to try and loosen any extra hair that might be caught up inside of the trimmer. Cleaning out all of the extra hair is important so you are able to properly oil your beard trimmer.

Oiling Your Beard Trimmer

There are several individuals who do not understand why a very high quality of beard trimmers come with such a small bottle of oil. However, this small bottle of oil is what keeps your beard trimmer properly lubricated and the rest of your trimmer oiled as well. It is important to realize that even though these trimmers are very small pieces of equipment, it is a very hard working device that has many different working parts that are inside of it. So, to make sure that all of these parts are working and moving well and properly, you will need to oil all of these parts within the shaver, as well as, oiling the blades.

If you purchased a trimmer that did not have a bottle of oil that it came with, then you can use vegetable oil, olive oil, and baby oil to lubricate your beard trimmer. However, try to remember that you can not use extra virgin olive oil, motor oil, Vaseline, and any other type of substance that contains too much oil because it can, and it definitely will, ruin your beard trimmer. So, to maintain and keep your beard trimmer properly working, it is best to follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Make sure to properly clean out the extra hair that is inside of the trimmer, and then you will be able to add the oil after that.
  2. When you are oiling your trimmer’s blades, you keep the trimmer off.
  3. Keep in mind to use a small amount of oil, the phrase “less is more” works in this situation.
  4. Another thing to keep in mind, is to double check your manual, because once you use your own oil to lubricate the beard trimmer, it voids the warranty on it.
  5. Use the oil that you have chosen and apply them properly, and according to your manual, to the blades, and the different parts of the beard trimmer that requires the oiling as well.

You will want to be sure to oil your beard trimmer at least once a month to make sure that you keep your trimmer running in the best shape that it is able to, and that you will be able to keep the cleanest and the smoothest shave.


In conclusion, making sure to get the proper oil and oil your beard trimmer when you notice that it is not running in the best way that it should be, will help to give you the best performance that you will need. It takes a good lubrication to make sure that your beard trimmer can last for a very long time, and will be able to give you the results that you are needing to achieve the proper trimming for your beard. Always remember to use the proper oils that will not damage your beard trimmer, and to do so often to make sure that it is running in the best shape that it is able to.

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