How To Clean A Beard Trimmer

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Nov 08
How To Clean A Beard Trimmer

Any man that grows a beard must keep his beard trimmed and in quality shape. There are numerous fancy oils and treatments. One fact remains, a man’s beard trimmer is the most important tool needed when it comes to maintaining a quality beard.

Typically, men take outstanding care of their beard and their personal beard trimmer. They keep their beard trimmer in perfect condition. Any electric beard trimmer needs to be properly cleaned and regular maintenance is required. If unsure of how to keep your beard trimmer up to standards, we are here to help.

Steps Taken To Properly Clean Your Beard Trimmer

An electric beard trimmer always comes with an instruction manual, the same with any other electronic device. This will explain how to properly maintain your essential tool for necessary beard grooming. If you are a typical man, you threw away the beard trimmer’s instruction manual without a second glance. That being said, here is what you will need to do.

Step 1. Use The Brush

Your beard trimmer came with a little brush. Use this brush to remove any extra hair that is stuck inside the beard trimmer. Especially where the blades are. You need to clean out the extra hair that gets stuck after every use. You do not want to let any hair get caked up inside the trimmer. It will cease to work if you let that happen.

Next, turn the trimmer back on, letting it run for about twenty seconds or more. This will loosen up any hair that you missed. Now go back over the blades and other parts of the beard trimmer with your little brush.

If there are still pieces of hair you can see but can’t seem to get out with the brush. Try a cotton swab or a toothpick to get the hair out of the crevices. You can then go back over the crevices with the brush to sweep away the hair you got unstuck.

Step 2. Bottle of Oil

Your beard trimmer almost always comes with a little bottle of oil. Use it. It is important to keep the blades and other little mechanisms on your trimmer running smoothly.

Make sure the device it turned off before oiling it. Also, make sure the beard trimmer is free of extra hair and completely clean before beginning to oil.

Only use 1 to 2 drops of oil. Do not use an excessive amount of oil. Using too much oil will ruin your beard trimmer.

How Often Should I Clean My Beard Trimmer?

  • Clean and oil your beard trimmer after every use.
  • Two to three times per year, do an extensive cleaning. It is a good idea to take apart your beard trimmer to give it an internal and external cleaning. Especially if you use your beard trimmer on a regular basis.

Can I Wash My Beard Trimmer?

It will be displayed on the package that your trimmer came in whether or not your beard trimmer can be washed.


  • Only use the above method of cleaning and oiling.


  • Use the technique mentioned above of removing the hair using the brush. Then, you can put your beard trimmer under running water.
  • Do not oil the blades or other parts until after washing.
  • Washing will remove unseen hair, grease, dead skin cells, and other debris.
  • Be sure to place a small amount of foam on the blades, turn on the beard trimmer so, the foam penetrates into the head of the trimmer. Be sure to rinse.
  • Only use cold to lukewarm water.

If you follow this cleaning method, your beard trimmer will remain in top condition. Working properly for a very long time to come. Guaranteed to give you a clean and properly trimmed beard.

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