How Do Electric Shavers Work?

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Nov 02
how do electric shavers work

Have you ever wondered and thought, “How do electric shavers work?” Sure, they do the job every morning in keeping that 5 o’clock shadow at bay, but what are the mechanisms and minute materials that make up its innards?

What we know is that the electric razor is certainly a very useful invention which provides unparalleled convenience for busy men who don’t have the time to manually shave in the morning. Here’s how electric shavers work:

Electric shavers are fundamentally different from the usual razor shaving blades in that they emulate a cutting, scissor-like action instead of your skin meeting the blade. The hair gets inside the perforated opening in the electric razor, which gets cut when they meet the razor’s moving blade. The blades themselves operate with the help of a tiny, oscillating motor moving in a roundabout motion between the shaver’s foil and your skin. The blades don’t make direct contact with your skin, which can prove to be beneficial because it doesn’t incite an irritation.

Why are they electric? The motors that move the blades are powered by electricity, either from an external battery source or when you plug them in. Most modern electric razors take convenience to another level by powering their devices with rechargeable batteries. A good electric razor has some safety measures such as being water-resistant and water-cleanable. Most electric razors are of the dry variety, which means you must pair up your shaving ritual with water or lubricants. There are other electric razor types that are of the wet kind, and some of them are hybrids of both.

Furthermore, electric razors can be divided into 2 kinds- Foil Shavers and Rotary Shavers

Foil Shavers

Electric razors with foil shavers operate by moving the cutting blades back and forth under a screen, usually made of foil. The foil screen has some specific perforations and holes to where the hair falls through. This electric razor type typically contain about 4 rows of shaving blades arranged in a straight line. As the blade moves inside the case, it cuts any hair that falls into the holes or perforations.

Different foil shavers can tout different numbers of foil inside their electric razors. They are normally aligned on top of each other, thereby covering the cutting blade. Double foil shavers contain two layers of foil inside, while triple foil shavers contain three layers of foil.

In a nutshell, foil shavers operate via oscillating blades under thin steel foils from which your hair falls through. The mechanism lifts the hair up and cuts them for a safe, close shave.

Rotary Shavers

Rotary shavers also have the foils as with foil shavers, but they are held by springs. The foil pivots as the spring supports them to contour on the user’s face as they shave. Like foil shavers, the blades are located under the foils installed in a spinning wheel which cuts the hair entering the holes and perforations. The cut hair falls into the hollow parts of the electric shaver; there’s no direct contact to the skin, leaving it free from possible irritations.

Rotary electric razors are good for cutting longer and thicker hair, and for those who only have shaving sessions at the end of the week. When you need a fresh, clean start on a Monday morning, then a rotary shaver can do the job quite well.

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