Do Electric Shavers Require Shaving Cream?

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Nov 24
Do Electric Shavers Require Shaving Cream

Most people think of using shaving cream only with traditional razors and see an electric shaver as a cleaner and less messy option. It is true that using an electric shaver really only requires cleaning your face and applying how water or a hot towel in it before using one. But there are some people for whom using a manual razor is too painful of an option who also can’t get that close of a shave with an electric model. This is often because their facial hair is so course or curly that even proper use of an electric shaver isn’t enough.

This reveals an often neglected fact about electric shavers: it is actually possible to use some shaving cream with certain wet electric shavers successfully and achieve as close a shave as you would with a razor done by a professional barber. This is not true for virtually any electric model and most should be used in the shower where hot water is readily available. This means it needs to be both waterproof and battery powered. But the method with which you use shaving cream with one is just as important if you want the best results possible.

What Kind of Shaving Cream Do You Use with an Electric Shaver?

The main requirement for such success is the type of shaving cream you use. If it comes out of an aerosol can, it’s most likely ill-equipped for the job. These cheaper varieties often don’t contain chemical agent that react with the hair cuticle that cause it to swell and absorb water – making it easier to for edged surfaces to cut through the hairs that protrude from them. The more higher-end varieties also contain plenty of soothing and hydrating agents that help lubricate the skin and make it easier to shave with an electric razor.

Also, be sure not to apply too much like you would with a normal razor, as the cream is creating additional resistance that’s going to make the motor in your electric shaver work harder. Just a thin film should that barely obscures the surface should be sufficient.

How to Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Shaver

Secondly, the manner in which you shave with an electric razor is different from both using one without shaving cream as well as that of a manual razor. The biggest difference is that you shaving against the grain when using an electric shave with shaving cream. This many seem counter-intuitive for most people who’ve been shaving all their lives being consistently told to do the opposite, but there’s a reason for this. The shaving cream itself is isolating hair follicles enough that you should mainly be concerned with having a quicker shave as to not clog up the motor as fast after extended periods of use.

Use your hands to rub your face and apply a bit extra cream to regions that need more than one pass. The shaving cream provides the lubrication while the electric razor provides the power you need to cut course facial hair close as possible so you won’t need to repeat this process too often while still protecting your skin from razor burns and ingrown hairs developing.

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