Do Electric Shavers Work on Legs?

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Oct 20
Do Electric Shavers Work on Legs

Many women believe, mistakenly, that electric razors are only for men. However, there is a growing number of ladies who proclaim the electric razor to be their first choice. The decision may come down to personal preference, but fans of the electric razor say that these give a smooth shave with less chance of cuts and bumps. You may have to shave more often because the electric doesn’t get as close as a disposable or another type of razor, but for an overall quality shave, you can’t beat it.

Just as in other grooming tool, you must know the correct way to use the electric razor to get the best shave.

Tips for Shaving with an Electric Razor

  1. The first step in using an electric razor is to prepare the skin. Wash your legs with warm water and soap. Dry the area you want to shave with a soft towel. Your legs must be completely dry before you use the electric razor.
  2. After turning on the razor, begin shaving at your ankle and move your way up, toward the top part of your leg. Move it in slow circles, making sure to cover all areas.
  3. When shaving, you want to go against the hair growth. You can apply gentle pressure but don’t go over an area more than once. Hold the razor as flat against your skin as possible and avoid angles that could cause irritation to the skin. It usually takes about three turns at shaving before you develop your style for a smooth finish. Practice makes perfect so don’t give up after one try.
  4. You will continue to shave until the unwanted hair is removed. As you begin to shave your knee, make sure to put your leg out straight and pull the skin tight over the area before you shave.
  5. You can run your hand over your leg to locate any hairs you missed and then go on to the other leg. Make sure you are sitting in a stable place and never let the razor fall into or near water.
  6. When you are satisfied with the shave, wash your legs again with warm water and soap to remove any loose hair. Towel dry and use a moisturizing cream to ensure softness.
  7. Remember to clean your electric razor after each use. You can pop the top from the razor and use a small brush to dispel any hairs that are trapped. This will ensure that your razor will maintain its effectiveness for a long time.
  8. Electric razors need to be fully charged before use; the first charge for a new razor could take up to 24 hours.
  9. You should replace the protective guard on the razor after use. This prevents wear and tear or worn edges.
  10. Electric razors are not made to shave underarms or other areas without attaching the bikini trimmer guard.

There are many female fans of the electric razor; they like the gentleness on the skin as well as the ease of use. Another attractive trait for the razor is its durability as compared to nonelectric ones. You may find that this isn’t your dad’s electric razor. The models of today are sharper, more efficient and compact.

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