Do Electric Shavers Go Blunt?

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Oct 06
Do Electric Shavers Go Blunt

For many, an electric shaver may be preferential to a manual razor due to its convenience and speed with which it’s able to cut facial hair. But often, we use the same electric razor over and over again with little-to-no maintenance of such devices. You may be aware that some type of lubricating oil helps with an electric shaver’s effectiveness, but this is not all that’s required to keep it working exactly as it should. Even though it operates differently from a manual razor by both pulling and cutting hairs, even the blades inside these product can get dull after extended periods of use. Though this process takes much longer than wet razors and such shavers can go months without needing to be replaced, it is still a concern.

How Do Electric Shavers go Blunt

First, it’s necessary to understand how electric shavers work. Rather than rely on the rigidity of an individual hair to provide the necessary resistance for a manual razor blade to cut against, an electric shaver works more like a pair of scissors. There are two components at work with these products – two separate cutting edges working against each other. Slight variations of this design involve systems where one blade raises individual hairs while another cuts this hair or radial cutting edges that snip off protruding hairs that enter the slots of these shaver heads. Often, the cutting edges working in conjunction with each other act as sharpening edges that help an electric shaver maintain its cutting closeness and sharpness. In any case, the use of multiple cutting edges in an electric shaver means they can last anywhere from 4 to 6 months before requiring any sort of replacement maintenance.

But after a significant period of time, even these self-sustaining edges in electric shavers can grown dull – especially when using circular motions and not properly priming skin and facial hair before shaving. If you abuse an electric razor in these ways, you can dull the cutting edges in an electric shaver prematurely. Other ways that an electric razor can grow duller over time also include:

  • shaving against the grain
  • dry shaving
  • not priming the skin with hot water
  • pushing too hard on the skin while shaving

This is why many electric shaver manufacturers provide replacement blades with their products to help maintain the longevity of these products. These can be costly to replace with any sort of frequency, so it’s best to properly use an electric shave in a manner that keeps its cutting edges as sharp as possible for as long as possible. Such preventative maintenance measures include:

  • Using pre-shave oil and heating up your skin with warm water to open pores and soften facial hairs
  • shaving with the grain instead of using circular motions to shave with an electric shaver
  • being patient while using an electric shaver and maintaining a proper motion without trying to apply too much pressure
  • Replacing an electric shavers blades after 4-5 months so the type of edges it produces on hairs aren’t too jagged, causing your shaver to grow duller at a faster rate.

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