Do Electric Shavers Darken Skin?

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Oct 12
Do Electric Shavers Darken Skin

While keeping stylish beards are in the latest trend, being followed by many a men, yet shaving is a must for the others. And, when shaving is being talked about, of all the different techniques that are available, one very commonly used method is making use of an electric shaver.

Why Would You Love Owning One?

An electric shaver has its own advantages, mainly due to their fast activity rate, ability to move up the skin, effectively shaving the area, and also because they don’t require other accessories such as gels and creams.

But one key question that concerns most of its users is whether using an electric shaver darkens the skin or not.

Well, the answer to this question is: Yes it does, and does moderately or heavily, depending on the level of use of the shaver. But, the good news is that this skin darkening can certainly be prevented too.

Why does the skin darken with electric shaver?

The reason behind skin darkening due to electric shaver is mainly the aggressive nature of this kind of shaving.

Because of the forceful nature of the shaving, the skin often tends to undergo a discoloration.

There might be cuts on the skin too due to the rubbing of the shaver, which again leads to hyperpigmentation, hence causing a change in the color of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation results in skin color changes because when an area gets damaged on the skin, it is the process by which the skin replaces the color of that particular area, and hence the darkening often takes place.

The fact is that with an electric shaver, you tend to have a certain level of harshness, which resultantly causes the skin darkening. Nonetheless, the product and its quality that you use, are also major factors that determine whether you are really affected by the skin darkening issue or not.

Preventing skin darkening

Since skin darkening is a major cause of concern for the electric shaver users. Instead of getting scared over the issue, what you need is to follow certain preventive measures to avoid the impacts of the electric shavers.

These essentially include doing some of the following.

  • Preparing effectively for the shave – Preparing your skin is important, where you must test your skin’s ability too, to accept the shaver’s treatment on it.
  • Never shave against the grain – This is a key reason that affects your skin and discolors it. It is always a good idea to have a good after shave lotion for your skin after use. This ensures that your skin remains smooth and you have nothing to worry about skin darkening.
  • Avoid alcohol based products on the skin after shaving – The use of the alcohol tends to make the skin harder and darker, especially when used just after shaving.

Final Verdict

While it’s true that using electric shavers can darken your skin, by taking some preventive measures, you can effectively prevent such darkening as well. Electric shavers are simple to use and can help you shave within minutes with no reason for cuts, any more.

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