The Best Celebrity Beards to Make You Want to Stop Shaving

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Jun 02
The Best Celebrity Beards to Make You Want to Stop Shaving

Celebrities have a habit of changing up their looks from time to time. This helps them to maintain public attention and enhance their image as style icons. And for male celebrities, one of the best things they can do to transform their appearance entirely is to grow a beard.

The great thing about having a beard is that you don’t need a stylist to make the look your own. Any guy can easily copy a popular celebrity beard he likes and have the most amazing results. All you need to do is have the right grooming tools, learn some styling techniques, and have a little bit of patience to grow your beard.

If you’re ready to sport some facial hair, below are examples of some of the hottest beards in Hollywood.

David BeckhamDavid Beckham

Aside from being a well-loved sports icon, David Beckham is also famous for growing beautiful facial hair. He has always been one of the sexiest men in the world, and he’s even more appealing when he has the right facial hair going on. Like many celebrities, Beckham is unlikely to let his hair grow too far. Usually, he sticks to a short-trimmed beard. You can even see the sports idol with stubble on a pretty regular basis.

Tom HardyTom Hardy

Another amazing British star who has captured a lot of attention over the years, Tom Hardy often swaps between being clean-shaven and bearded quite frequently. This heart-throb actor has proven that you can be attractive with any kind of facial hair, including a fuller beard than you wouldn’t usually see in Hollywood.

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson

The Twilight actor and soon-to-be Batman Robert Pattison looks like a completely different person when he allows his facial hair to grow out. In the past, we’ve seen him with stubble from time to time. However, when he lets his beard grow, Pattison has a powerful and unique look. We’re particularly amazed by the colours of blonde and red in Pattinson’s full beard.

Chris EvansChris Evans

Chris Evans has regularly jumped in and out of the spotlight with a casual take on facial hair. When this star grew a short beard for the movie Avengers: Infinity War, the rugged addition to his face really suited him well. The beard was just long enough to be more than a stubble, but short enough to stay neat. If you’re planning on trying out this style, make sure you keep your beard trimmed and style it using a comb!


Drake is a great example of a celebrity who can use a beard to transform his look completely. With a perfectly sculpted beard that’s just an edge over a stubble, Drake gives himself a sense of mystery and class. The rapper began his career with a completely fresh-faced look. However, as his hits have kept coming, Drake has decided to grow his beard out a little more.

Henry CavillHenry Cavill

Henry Cavill’s facial hair has caused issues for him in the past. When he was playing Superman for Justice League, the company had to edit out some facial hair. However, while Cavill does usually keep a clean beardless image,  he has allowed his facial hair to grow out from time to time. When Henry lets the facial hair evolve, he develops an amazing manly look that helps to take away some of the harshness of his cutting jawline.

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth

Another Chris with fantastic beard styling, Chris Hemsworth has dabbled in growing facial hair a few times in the past. Like Chris Evans, he prefers to keep his beard short and perfectly groomed. However, we did see the facial hair taking on a little bit of a wilder appearance in 2019 when Hemsworth was shooting Infinity War alongside Chris Evans.

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves

The god of the internet, Keanu Reeves, has captured a lot of attention over the years with his amazing movies and wonderful personality. Although he hasn’t always sported a beard on the red carpet, Keanu’s facial hair has rapidly become a part of his heart-throb look. Keanu’s beard is excellent for keeping the actor looking young and rugged. We love how well Keanu has managed to master his beard with plenty of trimming!

Ryan ReynoldsRyan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has always been a favourite actor of the ladies. Whether he has a beard or not, this heart-throb is always grabbing attention. However, when he does grow some perfectly-groomed facial hair, Reynolds knows how to make it work. His fantastic short beards are great for highlighting the manliness of his face, so he’s just not all about that boyish charm.

Ben AffleckBen Affleck

Another famous actor who previously played Batman, Ben Affleck, is better known for having a clean-shaven face than a beard. However, when his beard grows out properly, Affleck has a fantastic look that’s sure to capture the attention and the spotlight. He goes for a full beard that’s neatly trimmed to prevent him from looking too scruffy. Affleck tends to prefer sporting a beard outside of any shoot.

Bradley CooperBradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper often prefers to stick with some stubble when he lets his beard grow out, rather than creating a full facial hair look. However, the stubble style works for Cooper, particularly when he maintains it properly. He manages to pull off the chiselled look, while still adding some manly edge to the mix.

Hugh JackmanHugh Jackman

Finally, Hugh Jackman grew an amazing beard when he was shooting the Wolverine movie. Jackman shows us how fantastic beards can look, even when they have a bit of salt and pepper to them. Jackman is often on the red carpet sporting facial hair that varies from short stubble to a fully-grown beard from time to time. We love the unique image that he brings to the celebrity world.

What’s Your Favourite Celeb Beard?

Which celebrity has inspired you to grow your facial hair? If you already have a beard, how do you keep it looking perfectly maintained? Do you prefer a short stubble or a full-grown beard?

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