Can You Pack Your Electric Shaver In Hand Luggage?

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Sep 29
Can You Pack Your Electric Shaver In Hand Luggage

You have booked your flight to the destination of your choice. Great, but now the next thing to do is to find out what you will bring. One of these items may be an electric shaver.

Are electric shavers allowed in hand luggage? Yes, they are, so if you would like to do this, you should not encounter any problem, and so you would not get in trouble with the authorities. In fact, even if you want to carry a disposable item, that would be allowed too.

According to the TSA, electric shavers are allowed in hand luggage because of their lack of sharp points. Additionally, batteries for electric shavers are also allowed in hand luggage. However, while electric shavers are allowed on the plane, straight razors are not allowed, so be careful and make sure that this item is not in your hand luggage.

If you usually use a straight razor, and are unsure about bringing an electric shaver, then perhaps you should try an electric shaver, to see how it works for you.

There are benefits to bringing an electric shaver:

  • Electric shavers will work fast. In fact, with an electric shaver, you do not repeatedly have to work on the same area.
  • They accurately cut hair, which causes less frustration.
  • Using an electric shaver means less cuts.

However, there are also negative factors:

  • If you have never used an electric shaver in the past, you will need to practice using it.
  • They can be loud.
  • The majority of electric shavers cannot be used in the shower. However if you are on the plane and want a shave, then this shower factor is not a problem.

Once you have got your electric shaver, how should it be stored? The aim is to make sure it does not get damaged during travel. Here are some important factors to consider:

  • Pack your electric shaver carefully so that it does not come into contact with other objects.
  • If there are any sharp objects in your hand luggage, make sure that they do not come into contact with your electric shaver.
  • If you are also packing batteries that would power your electric shaver, also make sure that they do not come into contact with sharp objects or other items in your hand luggage.
  • There is a possibility that in hand luggage, if the battery is in your electric shaver, then if there is a sudden sharp move, it may turn on. Past stories have reported this, so if you are bringing batteries, make sure they are not in the electric shaver while in hand luggage.

Since you will be traveling with an electric shaver, safety is a big goal, so that it won’t hurt anyone, and also so that you can use it. Another safety factor to consider is liquids:

  • If you plan to also take shaving cream, then this is going to be considered a liquid. Rules for liquids is that they should be placed in a transparent plastic bag which is opened by a zipper. Additionally this bag should be quart-sized.
  • The traveler is allowed one plastic bag.
  • The shaving cream should be in a bottle that is 3.4 ounces or less.

If you have decided an electric shaver is the right choice for you, then pack it with safety rules in mind, and you will be able to use it efficiently. Have a great trip!

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