Can You Bring a Beard Trimmer on an Airplane?

By Charlie Harper | Guides

Sep 23
Can You Bring a Beard Trimmer on an Airplane

With airport security becoming evermore strict, it is important to know what sorts of items are acceptable to bring on an airplane. No one wants the trouble of dealing with issues in an airport when the places themselves are anxiety inducing due to their sheer size, and the amounts of people within.

Owners of electric beard trimmers know that these items can become exceptionally expensive, with beard trimmers costing upwards of several hundred sterling pounds. It’s clear to see how one may stress over bringing an expensive beard trimmer in their luggage, only for it to be confiscated due to it being a restricted item. So, to cover your bases before your flight, rest assured that your beard trimmer is allowed to accompany you on the flight.

Men aren’t exempt from grooming rituals. Just like women, some men use products such as a beard trimmer to keep up with appearances, especially when traveling for business, or other important occasions.

Luckily for the man that travels with his trusty beard trimmer via airplanes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not prohibit electric beard trimmers from being brought onto an airplane. Even better for those who prefer to travel lightly, and not check baggage in at the airport, these trimmers can be packed in carry-on luggage.

Electric beard trimmers, unlike manual methods of shaving, are acceptable to include in carry-on luggage since it lacks sharp edges like manual razors or straight blades, making them less threatening. If one’s carry-on baggage may contain another method of shaving, they should confer with the TSA’s prohibited items list. Otherwise, your safest bet is just to stow manual razors in the checked in luggage.

Benefits of being able to bring a beard trimmer for the men who prefer a clean-shaved face on a plane may include, but are not limited to:

  • Being able to clean up their appearance during the time in between flights.
  • Quickly being able to look more put together during a business trip if your schedule doesn’t allow a trip to the hotel room before a meeting.
  • Being “that guy” on a flight who decides to whip out their beard trimmer to clean up his stubble in the airplane bathroom, to the displeasure of the passengers who wish to use the restroom.
  • The general convenience of using an beard trimmer over shaving with a manual razor at a hotel or lodging, whenever an individual gets to their destination.


The verdict is out for all of the men who wish to know if their beard trimmer is allowed or prohibited from being taken on an airplane. Yes, you can bring a beard trimmer on an airplane. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just because this isn’t a TSA-restricted item, your beard trimmer can be subject to damage, and possibly even confiscated if the seemingly innocent beard trimmer looks suspicious, since bag inspections are still very much common in airport security protocols.

If you are still not convinced that your beard trimmer will make it past airport security, there is always the option of calling a TSA representative to confirm that your trimmer is not prohibited.

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