Can Shaving Cause Dry Skin?

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Mar 21
Can Shaving Cause Dry Skin

Lots of people who shave on a regular basis are all going to have the same question: can shaving cause dry skin? They might be interested in reducing this risk if it is a risk. This is a complicated question to answer, since it is difficult to study the possible link between shaving and dry skin objectively. The information on this issue is going to be somewhat anecdotal. People are going to bring different experiences to the table. People who have chronic problems with dry skin are going to have a lot of issues when it comes to shaving one way or another, which further complicates the issue.

Shaving and Dry Skin

Shaving does tend to remove the dead skin cells on the skin surface, making it a purposeful way to exfoliate the skin. However, in order to determine whether or not the shaving is drying out the skin, it is important for people to evaluate whether or not this process is actually stripping the skin of moisture.

Exfoliating the skin is often good for it, and it can even make it easier for the skin to moisturize itself and renew itself. Shaving does not appear to remove moisture from the skin’s surface. Shaving will also not interfere with the barrier function of the epidermis. As such, it is hard to see whether or not there is any basis for the idea that shaving is drying out the skin in its own right.

The Correlation Between Shaving and Dry Skin

However, people might use lots of different shaving creams and treatments that will dry out the skin. People will typically shave after a bath or another washing session as well, and the abrasive soaps that some people use are going to dry out the skin in some cases.

Coupled with the exfoliation that shaving provides, this could make the dryness more pronounced. When people shave dry skin, they are going to see a lot of dead skin getting visibly shed in the process. Shaving can draw attention to skin that is already dry. People who wash themselves with harsh sponges at any point are only going to worsen the situation.

People who have dry skin are often going to scratch at it and itch it vigorously. Itching dry skin will often make the dryness more obvious and severe. However, the skin was technically already deprived of moisture, and that was one of the reasons why it was itchy in the first place. As such, people should not get the causal chain backward.

Dry skin is sensitive, and the razor is going to feel much harsher on dry skin than healthier skin. This is going to make it feel as if the razor is what is causing the dryness. People with dry skin are also going to be much more likely to get razor cuts as a result. However, at the very worst, shaving is only going to make a problem with skin dryness slightly worse. It didn’t cause the initial problem.

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