Can Shaving Cause Bald Spots?

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Mar 07
Can Shaving Cause Bald Spots

Fashion in today’s world has grown in size and scope. Modern fashion trends are not just on how we dress or the body creams we use, our hair is also an important, if not one of the most important aspects. Today, different shaving styles have come up. People have numerous styles to choose from based on their personalities and personal preferences. Most people are worried that shaving your head may cause bald spots, but Is this really true?

Well, as they say, the world can be a better place if only the truth prevails. If you believe shaving can cause bald spots, you are absolutely wrong! Research has indicated that shaving neither promotes nor prevents hair growth. What does this mean? Well, first, if you are already developing bald spots, shaving will not prevent hair loss. Secondly, if you are worried that shaving will escalate hair loss, get out there, contact your barber, have a clean shave! If you have bald spots, having a clean shave will do you good, since it will give you a better look than a comb over. This in itself, makes shaving your head is a plus.

What Causes Bald Spots

The following are some scientifically proven causes of bald spots;

1. Genetic Inheritance

This is one of the most common causes of bald spots. It is most common in men. Cells that cause follicle loss are passed through family lines hence causing baldness. If you had bald spots that latter developed into a u-shaped bigger spot, well, do not blame shaving, go through your family tree and you have the answer.

2. Lifestyle Factors

The way you live your life can cause bald spots. The main lifestyle factor is your diet. Your hair requires nutrients just like any other part of your body, therefore a poor diet can cause temporary hair shedding. If you thought shaving was causing your hair loss, just think again, eat a healthy diet regularly with a lot of biotin, zinc, iron and proteins, you may see wonders.

3. Skin and Scalp Conditions

Building up of skin cells over your head can cause damage of hair follicles hence causing temporary bald spots. This is also a major cause of hair loss.

What To Do In Case You Notice Bald Spots

Bald spots can be disappointing. Not only can they lower your self-esteem and tarnish your self-worth, but will also make you look bad. Interestingly for anyone with bald spots, this can be corrected. Here is what to do in case you have them;

1. Visit a Hair Professional

A dermatologist can be your most trusted partner in your fight against bald spots. A serious professional will help you find a good way to fight them. Get out there and stop blaming regular shaving for your issue, see a hair professional as soon as now.

2. Eat Healthy

A healthy meal comprising of all the essentials of a balanced diet will go a long way in ensuring your hair gets all the nutrients it requires hence making the follicles strong and difficult to break. A regular balanced diet can lead to hair growth in areas affected by temporary hair loss.

3. Limit Over-exposing Your Hair to Direct Heat

If you are already losing hair, foregoing blow driers and flat irons will do you great in ensuring you do not lose more. It will ensure stronger follicles hence, stronger hair with less breakage. Avoiding direct heat may also lead to hair growth on areas experiencing loss.


For many years, it has been asserted that shaving can cause bald spots. However, this is far from the truth. Reading this article will help you understand what really causes bald spots, and what you can do in case you notice them. Do not believe in hear-say, believe the truth.

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