Can Regular Beard Trimming Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

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Oct 18
Can Regular Beard Trimming Stimulate Facial Hair Growth

What made Abraham Lincoln to think seriously about the letter sent by a small girl? She suggested that he grow a beard to hide his thin cheeks! He complied and that is how we got the classy, elegant looking President of America.

But your well-wishers are not going to send you beard-grooming tips to enhance your personality, not even your girlfriend.

You will have to regularly see the development of that bush on your cheeks or you’ll find them grow into sprawling octopus arms similar to Captain Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Does that mean going to the beautician for treatment of your facial hair like girls? Do you really believe that massage will help grow that stubble?

Hah! Old wives’ tales.

You need to do that yourself by learning the factors affecting the facial hair growth. (Don’t ask your Sikh brother what he and his forefathers did to have that huge beard and mustache! It’s them genes, dude.)

Facial hair growth is not very different to that of hair growth on your scalp. Like some other characteristics, beard growth is also hereditary. The growth of your hair also depends on type – curly, straight, thick or thin. The hair growth marred by heredity will need to be countered with certain nutrients.

How Can Regular Beard Trimming Help?

Now let’s see what we can do by ourselves. Your diet plays an important role in the overall health and beauty. Facial hair grows when you have sufficient intake of vitamin B2 to B6. Vitamin B5 and Biotin especially accelerate hair growth. This is in addition to Vitamin A, D and E which help in assimilation.

But that’s not all.

We need to check the root cause of issue (and hair) as well.

The Top Things to Look For

Here is a list of all that you need to know.

  • The hair root consists of two parts – papilla and follicle. Unless the papilla gets nutrition, no hair can grow.
  • Along with Vitamins we need an intake of Zinc, Magnesium and Calcium too.
  • All these nutrients can exist in red meat, olive, spinach, oyster, and other fish.
  • Testosterone levels, which starts its work since puberty, also affects hair growth.
  • One of the treatment involves taking testosterone supplements which is fine, but there are chances of side effects like prostate or gland cancer.

Taking Care of Your Beard

Anyway, once you have managed to grow a majestic beard with care, it doesn’t mean you have to leave it at that. You may get a patchy beard from neglect and have it look like a bad case of weed overgrowth. Proper trimming is necessary. The small hair resulting from a good trim can induce a feeling of itching, but resist all your urges to scratch. It will increase chances of dandruff, infection and loss of hair.

Your hair does not grow faster if you cut it or trim it. It’s a myth. Your beard needs to be nourished from within as well as from outside, kept clean and combed with a soft brush for optimal results, just like your hair on your scalp!

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