Can Electric Shavers Be Used on the Head?

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May 18
Can Electric Shavers Be Used On The Head

For those who are not aware, electric shavers are simply a special type of shavers that can be used to trim hair from the body. While these shavers might primarily be customized for the cutting down tender beard hair, pubic sections and other important body parts, these tools can also be useful for cutting down the hair on other important sections of the body such as the head. Having said that, it is important to note that this is an electrical tool and users are advised to proceed with a significant amount of caution to achieve the best results.

Can electric shaver be used on the head

Depending on the size and structure of our hair, an electric shaver can easily be used to cut down the hair on the head. However, if you tend to have rough hair that is large, then you might consider using the conventional shavers that are available for cutting down hair. Most electric shavers often come with small scale motors that are only perfect for trimming hair on the tender sections of the body such as the beard.

When choosing the ideal shaver for the head and various other body parts, ensure that you consider a model that also features other important features such as surge protections, ergonomic features, and a powerful cutting blade. In this way, you increase the likelihood that you will experience a hassle-free cutting experience and without having to borrow another shaver halfway into the shaving procedure. Keep in mind that a good electric shaver also comes with safety features as well.

Using the electric shaver on a large amount of hair that is rough might cause damage to the razor and even the motor of the unit. In this case, you might consider performing a basic test to confirm the functionality of the unit before proceeding to the next step. However, it’s also important to note that some electric shavers are perfect to use on the head since they feature motors that are powerful enough to cut down the hair on the head.

When you want to invest in the best electric shaver for cutting down your hair, ensure that you take the time to consider some of the high-end models that are available today. This Is because it will help you when you want to invest in a top quality unit that is ideal for cutting down hair in almost all the sections of the body.

Tips when using an electric shaver

  • Evaluate the overall power rating of the unit
  • Choose a good a brand
  • Always use a mirror when performing DIY shaving
  • Consult an experienced user when in doubt


Generally speaking, electric shaving is one of the key innovations that have drastically changed how we perform our conventional grooming activities. In this case, a good shaver is a good investment since it is not only ideal for cutting down the hair on the head, but it is also ideal for cutting down the hair on various other notable sections of the body without compromising on performance and power.

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