Can Electric Shavers Cause Acne?

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Jun 01

Everybody wants to look nice despite the gender. While grooming is considered a thing for the ladies, men are not an exception either. When it comes to male grooming, the beard is a key feature. Some like their bears long, while others prefer to spend a considerable amount of time glued to a mirror to ensure a clean shave. A great shave will leave you looking attractive and masculine in a good way.

To fulfill the quest for a clean shave, different shavers have hit the market. In as much as you put all the safety precautions, you may get a little disappointed with the outcome of a shave, and this may not work so well with most men. That is a major reason for men to exercise care when purchasing shavers.

Before i dive into the details of what causes acne, it is important to note that electric shavers do not cause acne.

How does acne come about?

Acne develops on the chin or any other place where shaving has taken place. It happens due to cutting of hair follicles far below the skin. Since hair grows on the cut hair, when it begins to grow it pushes the cut hair up, which may then be struggling to find its way out of the skin, this causes a lot of irritation. In cases where the pores are blocked, acne develops, and the result can be quite devastating.

Tips on How to Prevent Acne

  • Use an electric shaver– an electric shaver performs the job much faster than other shavers; also, it lightly cuts the hairs without much pain or struggle. In as much as it may not give you a smooth shave, it plays a great role in avoiding irritation, and subsequent acne, the only thing to note is that you may be required to shave frequently. But weighing the options, the electric shaver is much better to use since you can use it anywhere as long as you have electricity and no acne will be experienced after the shave.
  • There are easy ways to avoid the occurrence of acne after a shave, irrespective of the blade you are using. However, it’s much better to use a single blade shaver. On using multiple blades; one blade lifts your hairs while the other cuts below the shave line causing a lot of irritation. This could lead to acne development as well; to avoid this, use warm water before the shave, or rather shave in a hot shower, this makes the skin supple, and it becomes easy for the blade to maneuver with ease, and hence you get a clean shave that’s not deep as well.
  • Use of shaving cream may also play a vital role in preventing acne occurrence. There are a variety of shaving creams to choose from based on your taste and preference and your skin type as well. They lubricate the surface thus making it easy to shave. It also prevents deep shave which could cause acne.
  • Shaving as per the grains is advisable as well. You shave going down, preventing irritation and even cuts that may occur with an uneven shave or not cutting as per the grains. In so doing also you are likely to prevent further occurrence of bumps as well.
  • Use an antibacterial gel after the shave, to kill germs before they find their way into your hair pores, which may clog causing the formation of acne.

For men who already have the acne, you ought to observe a lot of skin care to promote the healing of the acne. It doesn’t mean that you ought not to shave though. However, an electric shaver is recommended, unlike the manual razor, it will not come too close to the skin, hence preventing cutting the acne that leaves you quite irritated and bleeding as well. The shavers shave at a safe distance, avoiding irritation, and if any accidents occur, few acne will be cut hence less bleeding on your part. Clean the area properly and disinfect to prevent infections.

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