Can an Electric Shaver Handle Thick and Coarse Facial Hair?

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Oct 04
Can an electric shaver handle thick and coarse facial hair

You have thick and coarse facial hair, and it turns into a nightmare when it comes to shaving. You have probably already tried the manual razors and it is so difficult. Most of the time you don’t get that clean shave you desperately need. Then you end up asking yourself, can an electric shaver handle thick and coarse facial hair? Yes, it totally can and is the best, no other shaving machine even compares, when dealing with thick coarse hair. In this article, you will get to know exactly why an electric shaver is so suitable.

Shaves faster

When you have thick facial hair you need to shave faster in order to save time especially when in a hurry. Manual razors are too slow and will take you quite a long time to finish. When you have thick, coarse hair the best way to go is faster. Nothing will get rid of your thick hair, making you neat, faster than the electric shaver. You rarely have the time to shave slowly and for up to one hour using other shavers.

More versatile

They are generally more versatile and can be used when you need an accurate cut of facial hair. This makes them more suitable for beards, sideburns and mustaches. This also helps in shaving coarse hair, because they need a lot of accuracy in order to avoid injury.

Safer to use

Thick coarse hair, can be difficult to handle and will cause injury if you use force. Other razors may provoke you into applying a little more force, inflicting injury to yourself. Electric shavers will shave thick, coarse hair with a lot of ease and accuracy. You do not need to use extra force, most of the time it will be just as easy as shaving normal hair.

Don’t require special grooming items

Water, soap and shaving cream make hair soft. When you have thick hair, these items makes them softer, making it more difficult to shave. An electric shaver will solve this problem because it does not require any special items, not even water. This definitely has a lot of advantages, including saving you some money. Think of how much you spend on shaving cream. A lot right? Well with an electric shaver, you can save the cash for more important uses.

Comfortable after shave feeling

Using ordinary shavers on thick and/or coarse hair may lead to an uncomfortable, rough shave. This is clearly a job not well done and can be very irritating. When it comes to the electric shaver, you will get satisfactory results clearly worth your money. You will get rid of the thick coarse hair, and get a smooth, close, enjoyable shave. You will definitely get a good shaving experience with the electric shaver.

Sharp blades

Electric shavers have sharper blades than other shavers. You require a very sharp blade to deal with thick coarse hair. Also remember when it comes to thick hair you need to shave regularly. An electric shaver is not only easy to carry, but also has quite long lasting blades.

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