Can a Beard Trimmer Be Used for Body Hair?

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Sep 15
Can a Beard Trimmer Be Used for Body Hair

For men everywhere, one of the best accessories to have is a high-quality beard trimmer. A beard trimmer is not only a necessity if you have a beard but it also is great from grooming body hair on the rest of the body. A beard trimmer may be sold specifically for use on the beard, but you can use it for such tasks as cleaning up the hairline or getting rid of chest hair.

When selecting a beard trimmer that you will be using for other parts of the body you should consider a few things:

  • Does the trimmer have attachments
  • Check customer reviews
  • How easy is the trimmer to clean
  • Does It Feature The Ability To Shape?


Some beard trimmers are specially designed to do double duty. A trimmer does not replace an electric razor and will probably irritate and pull your hair if you try to use it as a shaver. If you are just trying to trim or prepare an area to be shaved, then this would be a good option for most individuals. It is also good to be aware that a beard trimmer might be irritating for more sensitive areas of the body. If you select a beard trimmer that has adjustable heights, it will give you more grooming options for other areas of the body.

Another point to consider if you are going to use a beard trimmer to groom other areas of the body is the price point. A cheaper beard trimmer may irritate your skin and pull body hair severely which will cause redness and possibly swelling. If you are doing body hair grooming with the beard trimmer you need to get a well built, high-quality trimmer that is known to give precise trimming without excess irritation. A good way to determine which beard trimmer will work best for you needs is to look online at the user reviews. User reviews are a great way to get some insight as to what issues you may encounter and what the strong points are with the model you are considering. Without checking customer reviews, you may end up buying a beard trimmer that you are not happy with and will ultimately end up having to return.

If you are going to do body hair trimming look for a beard trimmer that advertises shaping because it is geared for precise cutting which usually means that the blades are sharp and resist pulling and tugging on hairs. A quick clean cut of the hair is what you are looking for when it comes to body hair trimming.


If you feel that you want to use your beard trimmer for period body hair maintenance, then it is probably convenient to use especially if you already own one and want to save some money. If you will be doing body hair grooming daily or have large areas that need attention you might want to buy a device that is designed specifically for that type of job. A beard trimmer can save you money, but it should only be used if you don’t have lots of grooming to be done.

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