Are Beard Trimmers Worth It?

By Charlie Harper | Guides

Jun 15

A beard trimmer is an indispensable tool when it comes to men’s grooming. It is a handheld electric gadget that allows you to trim your beard to the desired length without using a scissor. It has multiple length settings and has several sets of metal blades with teeth. The blades, which are stuck on each other, oscillate when the trimmer is powered on to operate. This oscillation causes the teeth to overlap cutting any hair that contacts the oscillating blades periodically. Beard trimmers are efficient and effective when compared to other shaving tools. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a beard trimmer.

Protects from Cuts and Skin Irritation

Beard trimmers come with a plastic guard that you snap onto the blades to protect it from coming into contact with your face. Thus, your face is safe from cuts and irritations. Trimmers have a button or a switch that allows you to control the distance from your skin. Some trimmers lack adjustable guards but instead come with separate attachments to modify beard styles. The adjustments allow you to select different lengths of beard.

Easy to Use

Beard trimmers are easy to handle and operate. There is no much to set up required to get started. The cordless types are quite easy to maneuver and store. Some come with attachments made precisely for mustaches, sideburns and the hairs on the back of the neck. Some trimmers have a vacuum that sucks lose hair and store it in containment within the unit. The vacuum eliminates the need to clean your shaving space.

Saves You Money

With a beard trimmer, you save a lot of money. Conventionally, if you want to shave your beard, you will need to either visit your barber shop or get an electric shaver that requires replacement heads. If you want to trim your beard, you only need to buy a beard trimmer, and this can last you a lifetime. You neither need shaving foam nor regular replacements. With a beard trimmer, you need less time compared to normal shaving.

No More Skin Problems

Skin problems vanish when you use a beard trimmer because it does not irritate the skin. Sensitive skin is a common problem among men. Routine shaving can cause unpleasant reactions that affect the image of your skin. A long beard is equally uncomfortable, and this is where beard trimmers save you from the agony. The razor in the trimmers does not come in contact with your skin and the problems related to shaving such as bumps, shave burn, red skin, etc. completely disappear. Beard trimmers are the best choice for those with extremely sensitive skin. The blades made of stainless with hypoallergenic foils to cater for individuals with sensitive skins.


Some models of beard trimmers are waterproof allowing you to use them even during showers. Some combine an electric shaver and a beard trimmer in one.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

A good beard trimmer is quite easy to clean. Some trimmers come with special oils, or cleaning solutions to help keep your beard trimmer clean as well as preserve its quality for longer life. Trimmers come with a unique brush for removing any hair stuck in the trimmer. Always brush away any hair from the teeth after using your trimmer and ensure you regularly oil it.

For the waterproof trimmer, ensure you dry it thoroughly after using it in water. Leaving it moist for a prolonged period can easily degrade the quality of the trimmer.

Hair can permanently get lodged in your trimmer. To avoid such a case make it a routine to take off the parts or accessories that do not attach permanently. Always keep your trimmer where it will not be bumped.

What to Look for in a Beard Trimmer

There are a few things you should consider when shopping for a trimmer.

1. Quality

Always procure the best quality you can afford. A quality and strong motor are essential for a clean and consistent cut. Go for a trimmer that has a prolonged lifespan. For example, you can opt for one build with stainless steel from the body to the blades. If you constantly travel across continents, it is recommendable that you find a trimmer with dual voltage.

2. Waterproof

You can opt for waterproof trimmer if you prefer shaving while showering.

3. Length settings

Whether you prefer a short, medium or long beard, you can always achieve your desire with a beard trimmer. Many trimmers have adjustable length settings. Ensure you check the length setting on the trimmer to ensure it suits your style.

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