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Aug 09

The Best Way to Sterilise an Electric Razor

By Charlie Harper | Reviews

It is most desirable to experience a razor-bump-free and smooth shave, which can consequently be achieved with the use of a sterile razor. Some of the electric razors in the market come with their own built-in sterilisation systems that save you the much trouble of having to sterilise and disinfect them. Others may, however, demand […]

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Jul 26

Does Aftershave Really Offer Any Benefits?

By Charlie Harper | Guides

Using Aftershave Men who shave might have had a debate about the following subject: does after shave really offer any benefits? Aftershave is mainly marketed to men, so the women who shave might not even think of aftershave. Some men are very enthusiastic about the benefits of aftershave. Other men don’t use it and they […]

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