Are Electric Shavers Waterproof?

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Sep 07
Are Electric Shavers Waterproof

If you are the new user of an electric shaver, you may be wondering about where and how it can be used. This is a completely normal question to ask, especially if you have previously used a hand razor for grooming. Manual razors are often used during or after a shower, with shave cream or soap applied first to condition the skin.

Even if an electric shaver is used after a shower, the skin will usually be wet, and the bathroom will be steamy. The concern comes over the fact that powered shavers are electric or battery-operated, and they contain small moving metal parts. Can they be damaged by moisture? Given the fact that you probably spent a lot of money to buy a quality electric shaver, you’ll need to have the right answer to this question.

Older Electric Shavers

Older models of electric shavers were designed to be used only with dry hair and skin only. If you like to condition your skin before shaving, you still can, and it will give you a better shave. Conditioning your skin beforehand will enable the ends of your hair to stand up when shaving, allowing for a closer shave. However, after you condition, you should always make certain that your skin and hair is dry before shaving.

Older models of electric shavers should definitely never be used while showering, and should not be run under water to clean their parts. If they are electric, you could be exposed to shock, and if they are battery-operated, you could corrode the moving parts, since older shavers are not waterproof.

To clean bits of hair from an older shaver, remove the head and brush it with a tiny brush or clean cloth. Store the shaver and its charger or base, if it has one, outside of the bathroom in a closet or other room, as the moisture in a bathroom alone can affect the performance of the shaver over time.

Some models require the occasional use of oil on internal parts for maintenance. Refer to the manufacturer instructions for your shaver to find out what is recommended.

Newer Electric Shavers

Some recent models of electric shavers are made for wet and dry use. This is because many people like the feeling of using a skin preparation or shaving lotion on their skin before shaving. They also like the convenience of being able to shave while they are taking a shower. If you have purchased a modern electric shaver, you should always be sure that it is specifically marked on the package as a wet/dry shaver before using it when your skin is wet or when you are in the shower.

If you own a wet/dry shaver, you can use it with shaving cream. Be aware, though, that certain models specify what shave creams can be used in conjunction with their shaver.

A wet/dry shaver is created to be waterproof. Most models give you the option of using it on battery or using it plugged in to an electric outlet. You can use it with the battery in the shower, since it is waterproof. You can also clean it under water, as long as you are only using it on battery. Don’t soak it in the water for any length of time. It is not designed for that.

However, if the battery runs out and you need to use the shaver plugged in, you must follow the same instructions as for a dry electric shaver. Never use a plugged-in shaver under water. Plug the unit in somewhere it cannot be splashed.

Since the base must be plugged in to charge the shaver, store the base somewhere that it cannot be exposed to moisture, and use it in a dry area when charging.

Follow the same precautions that you would use with any other piece of equipment in your home. Always follow manufacturer recommendations carefully for whatever model you own. This is best for your personal safety and the longevity of your appliance.

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