Hello ladies and gents! My name is Charlie and welcome to Shaverguide.co.uk!

Who am I?

I’m just a regular guy who’s been on the search for the perfect shaver and beard trimmer almost all my life. Thanks to my dad’s genes, I’ve had to start shaving the moment I turned thirteen. You won’t believe how many shavers and trimmers I’ve tried and have been disappointed in over the years. Most of them left me with nicks and cuts while others were just not giving me the results promised on the box. I’ve also tried some which blades became dull after only using it once!

Manual shavers, disposable shavers, expensive beard trimmers, budget friendly ones – you name it and you can be sure that I’ve already tried it. Just imagine how much money I’ve wasted on grooming tools alone! This is something I want to help people avoid.

All the disappointment and frustration led me to the decision that I should put up a website to help others in choosing the right tools for their grooming needs. Having tried out almost every product out there, I believe I can now call myself an expert when it comes to shavers and beard trimmers. Thus the birth of ShaverGuide.co.uk

What’s ShaverGuide.co.uk All About?

On this site, you can expect nothing less than detailed and honest reviews on the latest shavers and beard trimmers out in the market. I will also share some tips and tricks in shaving and beard trimming as well as on how to use and care for your unit.

Ultimately, I aim to make my website the #1 resource for anything men’s grooming related.

If you’re new here, feel free to look around and read through my reviews and comparison on the best-selling shavers and trimmers in today’s market. I can guarantee you will be able to save a lot of money by listening to people who have firsthand experience in using the product you are eyeing on purchasing rather than only relying on what the sales assistant is telling that a specific model can do and that’s exactly what I’m here for!

Once again, thank you for visiting ShaverGuide.co.uk and I hope all the information you find here will be very useful to you. Make sure to check back often as I regularly update my site with the latest new on men’s grooming.